This is a selected list of my publications available for your perusal:

“Rise of the Eco-Comics: The State, Environmental Education, and Canadian Comic Books, 1971-1975.” Material Culture Review 77/78 (Spring/Fall 2013 [August 2014]): 9-20. PDF

“The Politics of Forestry: The Failure of the Lepreau Project in New Brunswick, 1947-1949.” The Forestry Chronicle 90, no. 3 (May/June 2014): 310-313. PDF

“Green Shoots: Aerial Insecticide Spraying and the Growth of Environmental Consciousness in New Brunswick, 1952-1973.” Acadiensis XL, no. 1 (Winter/Spring 2011): 3-23. PDF

“‘A Fundamental Cost that We Can’t Deal With’?: The Political Economy of the Pulp and Paper Industry in New Brunswick, 1960-Present” (co-authored with Bill Parenteau). In Exploring the Dimensions of Self-Sufficiency in New Brunswick, eds., Michael Boudreau, Peter G. Toner, and Tony Tremblay, 13-34. Fredericton, NB: New Brunswick and Atlantic Studies Research and Development Centre, 2009. PDF

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